3 Films Every Science Student Must See

image: scene from Timecrimes

Movies for Science Students and Sci-Fi Lovers

If you’re a science student, chances are you don’t see the world through the same eyes as everybody else. You’re probably the one always looking for scientific inaccuracies in films and your friends probably love you or hate you for it. But there are some great films that will keep even the most skeptical of science students entertained. Here are three great movies every science student should watch.


Timecrimes is the story of Hector, played by Karra Elejalde, an ordinary guy who decides to go on a trip to the countryside with his life partner, Clara, played by actress Candela Fernandez. But as soon as they get there, Hector sees something unusual while scoping the area with his binoculars: a beautiful woman taking her clothes off in the open. Hector decides to take a stroll to pay her a visit. Once he gets there, he sees the women dead lying on the floor and is attacked by a mysterious man. Hector then flees to what seems to be an abandoned building, which is really a private research facility operated by a mysterious scientist. The scientist decides to give refuge to Hector in a strange closet which happens to be a time machine.
This movie is a fast paced science fiction movie that every person seeking an online bachelor of science degree in medical laboratory science will love because of its many intricate scientific references.

2001 Space Odyssey

2001 Space Odyssey is a science fiction masterpiece by critically acclaimed director Stanley Kubrick. 2001 Space Odyssey takes us to the dawn of man, where a group of hominids encounter a strange looking black alien monolith on their path. As one of the hominids brandishes his weapon to attack the structure, the scene cuts to a 21st century spacecraft that is travelling over the Earth.
A US scientist by the name of Heywood Floyd, played by actor William Sylvester, goes to the moon to discover another black monolith on its surface. However, once the sunlight hits the monolith, a sharp sound is emitted, which stops the scientist and his crew in their path. The whole movie is based around the search of a source for the mysterious monolith and its role. The film was critically acclaimed for its realistic depictions of space travel and is a must-see for any student seeking a medical laboratory scientist program online from the University of Cincinnati.


Solaris is a movie rendition of a popular science fiction novel by author Stanislaw Lem. George Clooney plays the role of Chris Kelvin, a psychologist and astronaut still coming to terms with the death of his wife Rheya, who is played by Natasha McElhone. He is then approached by one of his colleagues, Gibarian, who implores him to conduct an investigation on some strange happenings on the Prometheus space station. Once there, he finds out that Giberian has committed suicide and the rest of the crew are in a state of shock. They then tell him that they have been experiencing hallucinations and visits from spirits, which they believe came from the Solaris interstellar energy source. What ensues is series of twists and turns that will leave the most stoic science student on the hedge of their seat. This is a great movie for any science fiction lover.
If you’re a science buff, or if you’re simply a lover of science fiction, I suggest you give these movies a try.