A Book Mitzvah?

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OverexposedAfter 13 years, Susan Shapiro’s book Overexposed was published. The author gave it a “Book Mitzvah.” A crowd of close friends, family, colleagues and students surrounded the cake for the candlelighting ceremony. Rabbi Dan blessed the book at Arte Restaurant on East 9th Street, NYC. Shapiro’s Mom flew in from Michigan as a surprise to give her daughter a hug and Mazel tov. The tell-all author was especially moved because as she says herself, “My family hates everything I write.” Among the many people to light a candle was a shrink who’d long ago given Shapiro this phrase for family, “You can be proud of my accomplishment without liking the book.” There was chopped liver, chocolate, and plenty of wine. The entire room, even the restaurant’s staff, kvelled for the author. There was much rejoicing. The author, a long-time resident of Greenwich Village, wore her favorite color: black. Writers and agents mingled within the literary crowd. See the interview with Shapiro about Overexposed in NYC Resident Magazine.

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