Author Susan Shapiro Does It Again!

The first book by Susan Shapiro that I read was “Five Men Who Broke My Heart.” Isn’t that a great title? It was an entertaining book that also touched a deep chord in me. Thankfully I’ve been happily married for a while now but it’s odd how memories of exes can pop into my head all these years later.

I can lose track of where I am as my mind visits an old disapproving comment or a stupid argument from decades ago. My friend, actor Jay Patterson, jokes that he has arguments with people who’ve been dead for thirty years.


That is the main thing that grabbed me about “What’s Never Said;” this idea that you could go see an old flame that you ached over only to find out he doesn’t remember you. That would make anybody doubt if the relationship was all just a fantasy (I had a few of those).

Another intriguing aspect of this book is the way it switches back and forth between the mind of the protagonist and of her professor. It’s a clever way to be invited into his perspective. It’s the humor and blunt phrasing that unveils the vulnerabilities and flaws of both main characters. A great read for your August beach days — or any time. Other Shapiro novels I loved are “Speed Shrinking” and “Overexposed.”

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