Authors Steve Geng, Beth Raymer and Robert Anasi Read From Their New Books at The West Cafe.

Steve Geng

Last night Entasis Journal presented its first New York City reading. The theme was Works in Progress. Authors Steve Geng (Thick as Thieves), Beth Raymer (Lay the Favorite) and Robert Anasi (The Gloves, Golden Man) each read from their current book projects.

Steve Geng read from his new novel, Bob City based in Paris. It was a thrilling terrorist/suicide bomber scene that grabbed everybody in a suspenseful choke hold! Geng’s natural charisma and raspy lived-on-the-edge voice had everyone staring at him with rapt attention.

Beth RaymerBeth Raymer read from her current novel in progress. It was a scene of a grouchy, drinking Dad and a Mom on a mission with the single purpose of collecting children from an adoption home to create a family. It was an emotional and humorously told tale that made me want to buy the as yet unfinished book right there on the spot.

Robert Anasi, the organizer of the event, read from his current novel which is set in Williamsburg. The room was lit up and howling with laughter. Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming review of the book in the NY Resident magazine.Robert Anasi

The West Cafe at 379 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, NYC is shockingly close to Manhattan. Whenever I hear the word Brooklyn, I think, “Oy, what a schlep.” But the truth is, it took less time to get there than it does for me to go from Chelsea to the Upper East Side. It’s an easy drive or an easy subway hop on the L train.