Cannibal Cop

Exclusive Interview with Cannibal Cop About His ‘Raw Deal’

After Cannibal Cop Gil Valle served 21 months in prison, the judge, Paul Gardephe, shocked everyone by overturning the verdict. Now Valle has written a memoir, Raw Deal: The Untold Story of NYPD’s “Cannibal Cop.

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Sweet Reads presents Leigh Stein, Court Stroud, Dorri Olds and Andy Marino

On February 23 at 6:30 pm “Sweet Reads” at Joyce Bakeshop (646 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn) will feature the amazing Leigh Stein, author of three books and co-founder of Out of the Binders, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to advancing the careers of women and gender non-conforming writers, Dorri Olds, and Court Stroud, and musician Andy Marino.

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Cat Marnell

Cat Marnell Gives the Addiction Memoir a Makeover

‘How to Murder Your Life’ by Cat Marnell is what every addict memoir should be: adventure-packed, shocking, darkly humorous, and gut-wrenching—the only thing missing is sobriety. You’re likely to read it in one fast sitting. It’s a fascinating, yet disturbing, tale about Adderall addiction.

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Businesswomen Are Becoming A Driving Force In The Marijuana Industry

Female entrepreneurs are taking the reins in the budding marijuana industry. Primal Therapeutics, Women in Weed, Women Grow, Puff, Pass & Paint, Mason Jar Event Group

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Why Does the FDA Care About Kratom?

It’s caused no overdose deaths. It feels like coffee and a light painkiller. Is there any reason for the FDA to crack down on kratom?

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Social Media Tricks: What Works, What’s a Turnoff

May 21 Writers Panel, NYC, American Society of Journalists & Authors (ASJA) The Latest Social Media Tricks. What Works, What’s a Turnoff Dorri Olds, Sacha Scoblic, Estelle Erasmus, Marcelle Soviero, Russell Bernstein.

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SAVE THE DATE Saturday, May 21, 2016 ASJA Annual Writers Conference

SAVE THE DATE! Sat., May 21, 2pm. Latest Social Media Tricks: What Works and What’s a Turnoff. There’s never enough time in a writer’s life. It can be overwhelming without tips and tricks for efficiency. Don’t waste valuable hours.

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In ‘You’ve Been Trumped’ Donald Trump bullies Scottish village and destroys land

In this documentary by filmmaker Anthony Baxter, a small Scottish village, steeped in history, is dissed and trampled by Donald Trump who charges in to build a golf course and destroys the natural environment including breathtaking sand dunes. Trump sneers, shrugs his shoulders, name calls, then levels the dunes with bulldozers into a flat, muddy, ugly mess. He stomps on dignified and proud simple folks in the local fishing village like cockroaches.

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Thank You Jennifer Finney Boylan for Commenting on Caitlyn Jenner

On Monday, Vanity Fair went public with its July cover, and it was the exclusive unveiling of Caitlyn Jenner — former Olympian champion/reality-TV star Bruce Jenner. On the same day, Jenner’s new Twitter account blew up the Internet. @Caitlyn_Jenner broke a Twitter record (previously held by President Obama) when her account amassed 1 million followers in four hours. Now, two … Read more

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ISIS Wants to Behead Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey for Shutting Down Their Accounts

ISIS supporters called for jihadis to behead Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and his employees on Sunday, March 3 via a post on anonymous forum that has since been taken down. The text, written in Arabic and accompanied by an illustration of Dorsey’s face with crosshairs superimposed on it, said, “Your virtual war on us will cause a real war on … Read more

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