List of the 12 victims killed at the Aurora ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ premiere

Yesterday, after all of the families had been notified, names and details of the 12 fatally injured victims of the Aurora shooting were released. Here is a list from youngest to oldest. May their families find strength to get through this.

12 Dead
The 12 people lost at the Aurora shooting.

Veronica Moser, 6, was killed and her mother critically wounded. “She was excited about life,” her aunt said. Veronica’s mother is drifting in and out of consciousness in a hospital ICU. She has bullets lodged in her abdomen and throat. She keeps asking about her daughter but due to her critical condition, she has not been given the horrific news about her daughter yet.
Alexander (AJ) Boik, 18, was a Gateway High School student. He was at the movie theater with his girlfriend. She was one of the survivors.
Micayla (Cayla) Medek, 23, was confirmed dead by her father’s cousin. Before the family knew what happened her aunt said, “I just want to hear she’s not one of the ones laying in the theater.”After she’d died in the movie theater, her body remained on scene while investigators dealt with the catastrophe.
Alexander C. Teves, 24, recently graduated with a master’s degree in psychology from the Morgridge College of Education at University of Denver. He is the oldest of three brothers.
Jessica Ghawi, 24, (also known as Jessica Redfield), was yet another victim killed at the senseless massacre. Her brother Jordan Ghawi appeared on the NBC “Today” show. He also announced on his website that Jessica was shot in the leg and in the head. A man with her was tending to her wounds when he was shot.
Jonathan Blunk, 26, father of two children, died after he’d pushed his girlfriend, Jansen Young, 21, under a theater seat and shielded her. Jansen said, “Jon took a bullet for me.” Jansen said Blunk told her he was “born to serve his country.”
Alex Sullivan, 27, was celebrating his birthday. On Sunday he was going to celebrate his one year wedding anniversary.
Matt McQuinn, 27, was killed while trying to protect his girlfriend and her older brother. He’d lunged in front of them and died in the gunfire.
John Larimer, 27, was with the U.S. Fleet Cyber Command at Buckley Air Force. His parents were notified by Navy officials.
Jesse E. Childress, 29, was a U.S. Air Force reserves cyber systems operator. He died at a nearby hospital. He was single and had a pet dog. A friend said, “He was fun to be with. He just wanted to serve.”
Rebecca Ann Wingo, 32, was the mother of two young daughters (4 and 6). Rebecca, born in Texas, was working at Schryver Medical company in Aurora. She spent 11 years working in the U.S. Air Force.
Gordon W. Cowden, 51, was the oldest victim who died during this heinous crime.
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