Steven Spielberg Speaks of His New Movie, “The Adventures of Tintin”

Steven Spielberg

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Tintin, a cartoon journalist created by Belgian artist, Hergé, in 1929, is well-known outside of the U.S. Spielberg hadn’t heard of him or his dog Snowy, until 1981 when a French review of Raiders of the Lost Ark compared Indiana Jones to Tintin. Spielberg’s 3D film is based on Hergé’s stories, “The Crab with the Golden Claws” (1941), “The Secret of the Unicorn” (1942), and “Red Rackham’s Treasure” (1943).

These serial comics were published in Le Soir, a Brussels daily newspaper that collaborated with the Nazis during the German occupation. After the war, Hergé faced lengthy investigations. He was accused of anti-Semitism and banned a few years from newspaper work. During a 1973 interview Hergé said, “I believed the future of the West could depend on the New Order. In light of everything which has happened, it is of course a huge error to have believed for an instant in the New Order.”

Spielberg, who brought us Schindler’s List and the Shoah Foundation, researched  Hergé and his artwork thoroughly enough to know there was never any solid anti-Semitic evidence found in his work or personal life.

The film opens in America on December 21, two months after its release overseas where it has already pulled in upwards of $56 million.

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For those not familiar, Tintin is a dogged cartoon reporter created by Belgian artist Hergé (Georges Prosper Remi) in 1929. Tintin and his dog Snowy are household names outside America, but Spielberg had never heard of them until he read a 1981 French review of Raiders of the Lost Ark that compared Indiana Jones to Tintin.