Mermaid Dog

Basket of Adorables: Photos From Halloween Dog Parade in New York City

I hope you enjoy my photos from the Annual Halloween Dog Parade in Tompkins Square Park. The costumes this year were spectacular. You can read about the “Howling Good Time” on Sniff and Barkens magazine.

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Tips For Calm Dogs on July 4th

Dogs on July 4th – You may get a kick out of fireworks exploding on July 4th. However, your dog may freak out. Here are some tips to keep your dog calm. May the Fourth Be With You!

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Dog Pics to Cheer You

Dog Pics Guaranteed to Cheer You Up

Fact: Dog Pics cheer us up. I’m no doctor, but I know what I know. The more dog pics I see, the better I feel. So, for you and for me, for all of us, enjoy dog art images, dogs I’ve photographed, and dog pics I found online.

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therapy dog

Another Moving Rescue ‘Tail’

Jack, a herding dog, was born in Kentucky and officially labeled a mutt. Part Australian Bernese Mountain Dog, he was mixed with Border Collie. At the age of one, Animal Control removed this malnourished pup from his home and transported him hundreds of miles to Michigan. When he met Judy Winter his luck changed forever.

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Dogs: Expert Training Tips for a Perfect Pooch

Dog expert Cesar Millan explains that a happy, well-behaved dog knows how to walk on a leash properly. The Dog Whisperer takes a six-step approach for stepping out with your furry friend.

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Senior Dogs

The Most Heartwarming Facebook Page Ever: Susie’s Senior Dogs

One woman launched a movement to save senior dogs. Her name is Erin O’Connell, she’s 29 and lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Five weeks ago Erin created a Facebook page called, “Susie’s Senior Dogs,” with the tagline “Matching humans and senior dogs one bond at a time.” Word spread fast and now the page has 139,000 likes and is responsible for 25 senior dog adoptions. I wanted to find out what had inspired this great effort so I clicked “Like” on the page and sent a private message asking for an interview. Erin graciously agreed to talk about her instant-soup campaign success.

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Adorable Dogs in Doggie Fashions

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!

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Greg Kleva

Ask A Trainer: Why Do Dogs Do That?

Greg Kleva is a celebrity in the dog world. He’s a professional dog behavioral therapist and master trainer with Bark Busters Home Dog training. Greg hosts, “It’s a Dog’s Life” on Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius XM 110. He makes frequent guest appearances on TV shows and has had many articles written about him and his training methods. Lucky for us, he agreed to sit down for an interview with Dorri Olds.

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Crazy Creative Dog Portraits

Colorful and crazy custom-made dog portrait paintings and custom cat portraits by pet portrait artist Rebecca Collins of Art Paw.

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Keeping Your Dog Happy While Running a New Business

Your dog is our best friend and a family member, which is why making your dog happy should be one of your number one priorities. This can change when starting a business. Here are suggested tips: take your dog for a long walk in the mornings, make the most of your mornings off to spend quality time with your dogs.

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