The Award-Winning Violent Thriller ‘Heli’ Shows What Life is Life for Many Mexicans

Amat Escalante won Best Director last year at Cannes Film Festival for his award-winning movie, “Heli.” The movie tells the story of Heli (Armando Espitia), a hard-working young father who lives with his wife (Linda Gonzalez), baby, and sister Estela (Andrea Vergara) in their dad’s house. The family unwittingly falls prey to the brutal world of Mexican … Read more

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Yup, That’s Me—the City Girl—Hugging a Tree in Mexico

The waterways along with chinampas—squares of land for growing crops—are a vestige of pre-Columbian times. Colorfully painted gondola-like wooden boats called Trajineras are available for rent. The Mexican government is doing much to preserve this area. The water in the lagoons is clear and the wildlife is protected. Birds are not allowed to be shot.

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