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Holly Hunter

Hats Off to Holly Hunter as She Continues to Blow Us Away with Her Career Choices

Academy Award-winner Holly Hunter (The Piano) continues to hit it big. With a career spanning 35 years, she remains an electrifying force. In our sadly still-patriarchal society, it is impressive to see any actress who is past 40, still landing the high-quality and sought-after parts. At the age of 59, Hunter is holding her own in an industry that hands over much longer shelf-life to male counterparts. Hunter’s voice still has that sweet-Georgia-peach twang, even though she has long been a New York City resident. But her Big Apple attitude gets her to where she’s going.
It was a thrill to meet her recently at Manhattan’s Four Seasons hotel. She was there to talk about ‘The
Big Sick,’ the runaway hit she stars in.

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