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Five Must-See Movies

Yes, it’s sad to bid adieu to another summer, but don’t despair, the movie lineup for fall softens the blow. This month you’ll see stars and filmmakers reaching for Oscar gold. From an unrecognizably blue-eyed, balding Johnny Depp with bad teeth to blistering documentaries, there’s a plethora of titillating flicks to take in. Here’s my list of September’s Top … Read more

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steve jobs

Filmmaker Alex Gibney Examines Adulation of Steve Jobs in New Doc

Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney answered questions after an intimate press-only screening of his new doc, “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine.” The film is an exploration into the odd phenomenon of the public’s adulation of Jobs. Four years ago, the Apple co-founder’s death launched worldwide public weeping during which mourners brought flowers and held each other … Read more

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Apple’s New iPhone Prototype Lost in a Bar

Another reason not to get drunk and sloppy. An Apple employee had too many beers and forgot his iPhone 4G prototype on the bar stool. It was cleverly disguised as a 3GS iPhone. But was then taken apart and inspected which revealed it to be a next gen iPhone. The 4G will not be called … Read more

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