WWII Army Captain

WWII Army Captain Describes Horrors at Dachau

My father was an Army Captain in WWII. He described what it was like when he and his driver saw the town of Dachau. “A pretty little farming village, green grass, a church spire, neat little houses—a German Currier and Ives. From the village you could see the smokestacks of the ovens, just a few miles away. A terrible rage shook me. There is no way the townspeople didn’t know about the ovens. There was a sweet horrible smell of burned flesh.”

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Kristen Stewart

‘Camp X-Ray’ director tells what it’s really like to work with Kristen Stewart

This is an excerpt from an article written for Examiner I interviewed director Peter Sattler on Wed., Oct. 8, 2014 to talk about his first feature film, “Camp X-Ray” and what it was like working with actress Kristen Stewart. Camp X-Ray is the locale of the movie. It’s based on the real-life temporary detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. … Read more

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