WWII Army Captain

WWII Army Captain Describes Horrors at Dachau

My father was an Army Captain in WWII. He described what it was like when he and his driver saw the town of Dachau. “A pretty little farming village, green grass, a church spire, neat little houses—a German Currier and Ives. From the village you could see the smokestacks of the ovens, just a few miles away. A terrible rage shook me. There is no way the townspeople didn’t know about the ovens. There was a sweet horrible smell of burned flesh.”

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Spielberg Movie

Spielberg Movie ‘Who Will Write Our History’ Gives the Facts vs #FakeNews

During this fraught time in American politics, we are now beginning 2019 continuing to question which outlets are providing the provable facts versus the #FakeNews or “Alternative Facts” that are running rampant across the internet from outlets like Fox and Breitbart sites. At this frightening time of Holocaust deniers and White Supremacy at an all time high, we must focus on the facts. This movie is a must-see for anyone who cares about what really happened.

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My WWII Army Captain Dad, Donald Trump, and Veteran’s Day

My Dad, David Mark Olds (1920-2009), was a US Army Captain during WWII. He was at Dachau Concentration Camp the day they freed the prisoners. Dad said that the smell of burned human flesh is something that you cannot forget. He also said that the freed prisoners, half out of their minds from starvation, wandered the camp, some were naked. Some found the strength to beat up German guards.

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