Very Exciting Things Happening on the Work Front

This month’s issue of the NY Resident magazine will be available Wednesday or Thursday of this week! In it will be my book reviews of Emily Rubin’s Stalina and Kiri Blakeley’s Can’t Think Straight and an article about fun things to do in April in NYC including Passover and Easter activities. May will be a busy month for me too. I’ll write 3 book reviews/author profiles about Molly Jong-Fast, Mindy Greenstein and Steven Petrow. June a new magazine is coming out (I’m not giving its title away yet!). The debut of that publication will include an article about Dr. Todd Sinett, the best chiropractor in NYC! I’m racing thru life. Today I must take it easy. I’ve run myself so ragged I’ve caught a cold. But I got ants in my pants to work on all of my design work, writing, editing and social media stuff. Sigh… Never enough time in a day!