Woody Allen Discusses the Ups and Downs of Fame and the Paparazzi

In Woody Allen’s words:
“But I myself feel about the way the character of the chauffeur talks about it in the movie [To Rome With Love] that life is tough, and it’s tough whether you’re famous or not famous, and in the end it’s probably of those two choices better to be famous…the perks are better. You get better seats at the basketball game, and you get better tables and reservations places, and if I call a doctor on Saturday morning I can get him. There’s a lot of things that you don’t get if you’re not famous…. Now, I’m not saying it’s fair – it’s kind of disgusting – but I can’t say I don’t enjoy it.
my comment: Woody’s attitude regarding paparazzi seems much healthier than, say, Alec Baldwin’s.

Alec Baldwin punches photographer
Alec Baldwin shoves Daily News photographer Marcus Santos after leaving the Marriage Bureau Tuesday morning.

Woody continued, “There are drawbacks in being famous, but you can live with those too. They’re not life-threatening. You know, if the paparazzi are outside your restaurant or your house and actors make such a big thing and scurry into the car and drape things over their head – you think they’re going to be crucified or something – but it’s not a big deal. You can get used to that. It’s not so terrible. The bad stuff is greatly outweighed by the dinner reservations.”
Baldwin Sheet
Alec Baldwin covers up in a white bedspread from his midtown hotel as he strolls down Park Avenue to his hotel Tuesday.

Alec Baldwin approached Daily News photographer Marcus Santos with the expression of a mad dog.

Photographer Marcus Santos said that Alec Baldwin came after him “like a raging bull.” Click on this link to watch the video of Marcus Santos (once there scroll down to the bottom of that article to watch him tell his version of the incident). Very innnnnteresting.

Photos credit: Jefferson Siegel for New York Daily News

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