Twilight Hunk Taylor Lautner Stars in Indie ‘Run the Tide’

Sweet December Indie Run the Tide stars hunky Twilight alum Taylor Lautner as Rey Hightower, a young man forced to grow up way too quick. His drug addict mother (Constance Zimmer) has been in jail for years and Rey stepped up to raise his younger brother Oliver, played by scene-stealing newcomer Nico Christou. She was a horrid mother even … Read more

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Non-Addicts Had Questions About Addiction. Here Are Answers

Answers for non-addicts about addiction to drugs and alcohol. For 15 years I was a heavy drug and alcohol user. After trying to quit repeatedly—and failing miserably—I finally asked for help in 1988. My recovery began with spending 31 days in a rehab, then decades of therapy, plus 28 years of surrounding myself with sober addicts who “get it.” Am I cured? No. But I’m grateful for the daily reprieve.

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Steven Bauer

Steven Bauer of Ray Donovan Returns to Rehab

Bauer said about using coke, “I was carelessly casual about it. It was as natural as the ingestion of liquor. But it hurt me in more than a few ways. I behaved irresponsibly when I should have been professional.”

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quit smoking

How I Am Trying to Kick My Smoking Habit by Boris Dzhingarov

These evil little things have haunted me most of my life, ever since that first sweet drag of nicotine when I was 14 I’ve had an on-off love affair with the cancer sticks. Quitting is something that I’ve done intermittently

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Elizabeth Vargas

20/20 Anchor Elizabeth Vargas Talks About Anxiety, Alcohol and Her Moving Memoir

“A huge part of my alcoholism was anxiety,” 20/20 anchor Elizabeth Vargas told me. “I had panic attacks since kindergarten.” During our interview and in her new book, Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction, the veteran newscaster was candid about almost losing everything.

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Free Refills

Interview with ‘Free Refills’ Opiate Addicted Doctor Peter Grinspoon

Opiate addicted Dr. Peter Grinspoon said, “Coercing people into addiction treatment is a controversial topic. I was forced into treatment because I wanted to get my medical license back. I think the coercion is part of what helped me. I didn’t have it under control at all. I cannot think of anything that anybody could have said or done, that they didn’t already say or do, that would have helped me.

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Three Addicts Talk About Kicking Opiates in Jail With and Without Suboxone

Written for The Fix Nobody strives to become a heroin addict. Even misguided souls with a romanticized notion of H never intended to go through the nightmare of withdrawal on a jail cell floor. But that’s what happens to many users caught in the whirlwind of our nation’s opiate crisis. Science is teaching us that addicts … Read more

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Greg Jefferys

Tasmanian Angel Leads Hep C Sufferers to Affordable Meds

Australian Greg Jefferys was near death with Hep C. The exorbitant cost of HCV treatment set him on a sojourn to find generic pills. Now he is cured and saving lives by helping strangers gain access to affordable Hepatitis C treatment.

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He Had AIDS and I Had Hepatitis C: A Love Story

Published by Marie Claire AIDS + Hepatitis C = Love How we found each other amidst addiction, ongoing sobriety, and life-threatening illness. By Dorri Olds “One girlfriend slipped a mickey into my coffee,” he said, “and when I passed out she poured lighter fluid on me and all my belongings and torched me.” We were sitting at … Read more

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David Bowie

Five Ways David Bowie Songs Kept Me Alive During Addiction

Diamond Dogs became my savior. The macabre cover of David Bowie as half man half dog was as grim as I felt. That illustration inspired me to channel my rage

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