Emile Hirsch talks about his latest movie, ‘Prince Avalanche,’ co-starring Paul Rudd

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In the indie comedy drama, “Prince Avalanche,” Emile Hirsch plays Lance, a highway road worker hired during a 1988 Texas summer. Paul Rudd costars as Alvin, a fellow menial laborer. Together they spend the time bickering and bonding while they paint lines on the lonely, hot highway road. David Gordon Green directed and wrote the screenplay. The film opens this week. It won Official Selection at both the 2013 Sundance and SXSW Film Festivals and David Gordon Green won Best Director at the Berlin International Film Festival.

This week Emile Hirsch sat down with Examiner Dorri Olds in Manhattan for an interview.
Dorri Olds: Did you enjoy co-starring with Paul Rudd?
Emile Hirsch: I had only met him about five days before we started shooting. We had a really great rapport. He’s a really nice guy. In this indie “Prince Avalanche” he was able to show a badass edge which he doesn’t normally have. I loved Paul. Let’s put it this way. If I were a ballerina figurina—is figurina a word? Anyway, if I needed to do my triple axle jump and if I were going to be picked up, thrown, and twisted, I would want Paul to be that buff man [to partner with] because he would never drop me.
Was there a lot of improv?
I would say it was like medium improv. We stuck pretty close to the script for the most part and then there would be takes where David [Gordon Green] would say, “Why don’t you try this.” Paul and I were open and just went for it. Most of the dialogue is pretty much to the page.
How would you describe David Gordon Green?
David is so creative, he really is a genius who is just a real character, a quirky weird guy but in a good way. It’s funny, now that I said that I’m thinking, ‘What’s a quirky weird guy in a bad way?’ I guess it’s a guy in a basement with blow torch. [Laughs]
What kind of menial jobs have you had?
I was a child actor so I haven’t really had any jobs that weren’t acting jobs. I only get a taste of jobs by playing characters with jobs.
How long does it take to paint a road?
It depends on the size of the brush. [Laughs]
You’ve played a lot of roles where you’re wild like “Lords of Dogtown,” or you’re in a wild setting like “Into The Wild.” In “Prince Avalanche,” it’s just you and Paul Rudd in the woods. Would you say you’re drawn to being in the wild?
Oh, I’m not that wild. Playing wild characters is definitely a lot of fun. As for shooting in a wild environment, sometimes you’ll find that it’s a mixed blessing. You’ll be really hot one day, or it’ll be freezing, and you’re like, “Man, I really wish I was indoors right now.” It’s a case by case in terms of if it’s enjoyable in the wild.
Are you drawn to outdoorsy activities like hiking and camping?
I love to go running. In L.A., I run to Runyon Canyon and then run back down to West Hollywood in about an hour and a half.
That’s where you live?
Yeah. I live right in the city of West Hollywood. I like to be able to walk and get coffee. If you’re out of the city you have to go get your car to go anywhere.
Do you have any experience with the down sides of fame?
That’s something you kind of just take as it comes. You just deal with it and don’t talk about it in interviews. [Grins]
“Prince Avalanche” opens this week in New York City, Friday, Aug. 9, 2013 at the IFC Center. Rated R. 94 minutes. Comedy drama.

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