Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly star in a comedic family drama ‘Stuck in Love’

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Stuck in Love
Nat Wolff as Rusty Borgens and Liana Liberato as his druggy love interest, Kate Credit: Millennium Entertainment

Stuck in Love” is written and directed by first-timer Josh Boone. The cast includes Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly, Academy Award nominee Greg KinnearNat WolffLily Collins (daughter of Phil Collins), Patrick Schwarzenegger (son of Arnold Schwarzenegger), Liana LiberatoLogan Lerman and Kristen Bell.
The movie centers on a tumultuous year for the Borgens family, who are full of love and dysfunction. Formerly successful, but now floundering, writer Bill Borgens (Kinear) is obsessed with his ex-wife Erica (Connelly) and he is far too focused on turning his teens Rusty and Samantha (Wolff and Collins) into writers. Rusty is obsessed with Stephen King and gets very jealous when his sister Samantha lands her first book deal. Rusty also gets his heart broken by falling for the druggy hot mess, Kate (Liberato).
Nat Wolff and Liana Liberato sat down this week with Examiner Dorri Olds for a lively—and giggly—Q&A.
Dorri Olds: Do you find that older stars are generous with advice, knowing you’re young?
Nat Wolff: I think they’re just generous with their time and wanting to hang out and make people feel comfortable. Usually, the ones that I’ve worked with aren’t giving me advice. I learn more from just watching them and their professionalism and talent.
Liana Liberato: I feel like people get the impression that older actors take you inside and give you this really heartfelt talk.
NW: I’ve never gotten one of those.
LL: [Laughs] I’ve never gotten one of those either.
DO: How did you relate to your character, Liana?
LL: Oh, I do cocaine in my spare time.
NW: [Puts his head in his hands] That’s not a funny joke.
LL: I didn’t say that. [Smiles]
DO: Seriously, did you go through a drinking phase or a drug phase?
LL: No, no, no. [Laughs] Definitely not.
NW: [Looks at Liana] I’m gonna save you.
LL: [Laughs] Please do.
NW: I think of all the projects that I’ve been a part of, this one was the closest to myself. Even though I was playing a version of Josh [Boone] when he was younger, the romance was so well written and it was just so easy to slip into. Also, because I come from a family of musicians and actors where that’s all we like to talk about. So, it means we have a lot to talk about but it also creates the same kind of conflict that this family has. I know Lily connected to her part because her dad is such a famous musician, Phil Collins, and she’s playing Samantha whose dad is supposed to be this famous writer and she’s trying not to live in the shadow of her parents. I can relate to that. [Turns to Liana] What do you think?
LL: I’m just going to keep my mouth shut before I say anything else.
NW: Yeah, Liana does a lot of coke.
LL: [Blushes] That’s not true! I was kidding.
NW: I’m just kidding, too. I’m joking!
It’s worth seeing this movie just to enjoy all the young, talented, up-and-comers. Ah, youth.
“Stuck in Love” opens in New York City this week on July 5, 2013. Family drama with comedy. Rated R. 96 Minutes.
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