New Mac Pro Computer

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Good morning! I am back from a long strange trip into the land of a comatose computer. My worst fear happened. My computer died yesterday. I was cut-off from my world. Spent the day at Apple store on 67th Street and Broadway. I was led around by kind sales people who understood my pain. I walked out of there with a Mac Pro tower and laptop on a hand cart borrowed from my superintendent. My Apple sales dude got me to one of those nice big cabs and we fit everything in and off i went to return to my home/office where i began my ardent task of setting up all the new toys. Ay yi yi. Not easy. Not. But here I am triumphant. Writing to you from my new keyboard. My computer techie dude had the nerve to be away on vaca in France this week. I’m going to wring his neck upon his return. I have spoken.

Oh, and Good morning!