Terms and Conditions May Apply is a documentary about how we agree to give up our information security (Video)

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Animation from the film demonstrating the act of agreeing to something you haven’t read
Every day, your online data gets more transparent. The laws about ways companies can use your information changes unpredictably and covertly. “Terms And Conditions May Apply” is a documentary by Cullen Hoback about what it means when you click, “Agree.”
Many fear we are moving towards a totalitarian world. This documentary exposes how often you sign away your privacy. With one click you are okaying complete access and control to companies that store your information. The film illustrates in a chilling yet humorous way that we are speeding towards an Orwellian Big Brother society.
At 21, director Hoback answered a Craigslist ad looking for a director of photography. After meeting with the producer, he was given a budget and a chance to direct. Since then, shining light on unfamiliar topics has become a common theme for the filmmaker.
There are many cameos; the most interesting is Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg who does not know he’s on camera. Another highlight is musician Moby who has testified before Congress as a digital rights advocate.
The film covers a range of incidents including Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks, and Leigh Bryan, an innocent young man detained in an airport for five hours, then locked in a cell for 12 because he used slang in a tweet.
You’ll hear from Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired magazine; Margaret Atwood, science fiction author; and Jerome Schwartz who was red-flagged after googling “how to kill your wife.”
Now it’s truth time. When is the last time you read the long terms and conditions on any website before clicking “Agree”?
This movie is a thought provoker.
“Hopefully this film will make people more aware,” said Hoback. “They need to know what’s happening with their data. I hope the movie inspires viewers. The issues [in the movie] aren’t going to be resolved anytime soon unless we see a real change in how people, and these companies, think.”
“Terms and Conditions May Apply” opens in New York City today, July 12, 2013 at the Quad Cinema. Documentary. Not rated. 79 minutes.
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