Wondering what to tweet about?

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Twitter is about networking. People are far more likely to work with friends, or friends of friends, or referrals. Twitter is a great way to expand your network. Tweet about topics that interest you. Search under “find people” for those topics. Join lists. Invest time. Be interesting. If you’re trying to get somewhere with work try to stay away from horridly boring topics like what you ate for lunch, or how you feel. Talk about current events, technology breakthroughs, politics, business. In other words, tweet about things that would interest you. The more time you spend on twitter the more your following will grow. Think of it like going to the gym. If you go for 5 minutes one time per month the results will be practically nil. Same with twitter. Spend some time, read tweets, click on links, read blogs, check out websites and when you join lists see what others tweet about. Have fun!