2009 Twitter Trending Technology Topics

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Google Wave, Snow Leopard, Tweetdeck, Windows 7, CES, Palm Pre, Google Latitude, #E3, #amazon fall, Macworld. Huh? Translations: Google Wave is a web-based service to merge email, IM, wikis and social networking; CES is the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow; Palm Pre is Palm’s imitation iPhone, a new phone with lots of features and apps; Google latitude is a new Google app that enables you to see where your friends are located when you talk to them on your cell—but they need to have latitude installed in their cell also; #E3 stands is a video-gaming movement for “next-gen” gaming, also refers to E3 Expo in 2010. Everything else is self explanatory i think. Hope that helped! What were your fave topics in 2009?