This Christmas Kindle e-books outsold regular books

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This so reminds me of when art switched over to digital. A lot of us holdouts thought digital art wasn’t “real” — to be a real artist you had to use a paintbrush. But that attitude of trying to stick with what you know and resist change wasn’t working for me then and it won’t work for me now. I switched over to computers back in the early 90’s and never stopped loving them since. So now i must stop resisting this Kindle ebook craze and give in. I need to stop thinking of ebooks as not real books. Embrace change or you’ll be left in the dust.

On Christmas Day I was helping my Mom throw things out because since Dad died in October she needs to sell the house. There are books everywhere. It’s as if they held onto every book they ever bought since the early 60’s! It breaks Mom’s heart to throw books away so I said, let’s donate them. She said nobody wants books anymore. She can’t even give them away. wow.