Dog Pics Guaranteed to Cheer You Up

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Yes, Dog Pics Are Antidepressants

Dog pics are the best antidepressants and that’s no lie. I’m no doctor, but I know what I know. When I’m feeling exhausted — which is all the time lately — the answer is dog pics. When looping existential questions make my head loopy, the answer: more dog pics. Can’t get to sleep, or can’t get up? Look at dog pics.

Got The Blues?

Dog Pics to the Rescue!

No matter what the question, the answer is staring at more dog photos. My extra pandemic-pounds make my pants tight. The best cure I know is playing with my dogs. I play with friends’ dogs and my neighbors’ dogs. I draw dogs. I photograph dogs. Googling and staring at dog photographs is the answer. I swear it works.

Now, indulge me for a hot minute for my Parliament-Funkadelic paraphrasing. If you’ve got backaches, migraines, coronaphobia, or depression, listen up. Whatever part of your body it is, dog photos not only move you, they can remove bad news, dig? The desired effect is what you get when you improve your life with dogs.

Dogs For A Day

Take one day off. Instead of news, stare at dogs for a day. I get mad when friends say, “I can’t watch the news, it’s too depressing.” So, that’s not what I am suggesting. We need to stay informed and fight for equal rights and holding corrupt politicians, corrupt cops, cheaters and scammers accountable. Hence, let’s follow news from reputable sources six days a week. Then we’ve earned our one day off each week to google and gaze at funny dog faces.

I’m no doctor, but I know what I know. This is a guaranteed way out of a funk. The more dog pics I see, the better my moods get. So, for you and for me — for all of us — enjoy my dog art, my dog photos, and my great finds via google searches. If anybody knows the origin of some of the doggie images, please let me know. You can tag them on one of my facebook pages: Dogs, Dogs, Dogs.

Dorri Loves Dogs
Dogs Are My Favorite People!!