Yup, That’s Me—the City Girl—Hugging a Tree in Mexico

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This picture was taken in Xochimilco, a borough outside Mexico City known for its canals. The waterways along with chinampas—squares of land for growing crops—are a vestige of pre-Columbian times. Colorfully painted gondola-like wooden boats called Trajineras are available for rent. The Mexican government is doing much to preserve this area. The water in the lagoons is clear and the wildlife is protected. Birds are not allowed to be shot. At this time of year, there’s a big influx of Pelicans from South Canada because there are so many fish for them to eat.

On the boat, a sweet bread snack was served along with Horchata, a warm rice and milk drink similar to hot breakfast cereal with little tasty lumps. Other people on the boat indulged in ancient delicacies: fried grasshoppers, baked worms, ant eggs and bright red mini shrimps that looked like bugs. I did not partake. Thank goodness there was also normal food available. I had guacamole, tortilla chips, black beans and rice.

When I was a kid I loved to run around in the woods behind my parent’s house in Long Island. My best friend and I played hide and seek behind the trees. We’d jump over the fence and run down to a nearby stream to catch frogs, lizards and snakes and jumped from rock to rock across the water. We always wore sneakers because we fell in a lot.

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